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 Who is BK&J Soaps & Candles?

BK&J Soaps & Candles is a small family owned home based  business started by a retired Grandmother. Alrena Garrett started the business in 2018 in Augusta, GA from her love of handmade products and her desire to create a legacy of that love with uniquely fragrance soaps and creative candles. Our name and logo reflects our desire to encourage and empower young and mature women to not only dream, but to fulfill those dreams. BK&J  stands for Breanna, Keanu and Jordon, my granddaughters.  Like butterflies, each granddaughter changes from one phase to another in her own unique way. No matter the color my butterflies are forever beautiful.

Our Mission

We are expanding every day to our dream of a brick and mortar store . Our soaps are created to remind you of Grandma’s black kettle soap pot in the backyard and our candles offer scents that remind you of Grandma’s kitchen, a popped bottle of champagne or a walk with Mother nature. It will be our pleasure to provide you with our unique line of products.

Come Join Us at Home & Garden Shows

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