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Kee Wee Candles

Kee Wee Candles

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Our 12 oz.and 8 oz. Kee Wee candles are made with the same soy/paraffin wax blend as all our candles. They are scented with 8 of our most popular fragrances and are topped with  wax embeds, rings, pearls,or etc. We add for uniqueness a  scented wax icing.

  • Product Information

    Kee Wee candle burn time is 30-40 hours. Wax embeds or heat resistant containers may vary. Rings may vary in size, color and shape.

  • Candle Safety

    Our candle come with a warning sticker on candle safety, this candle comes in a heat resistance glass container, but remember supervision of any candle is a good practice.

  • Refund & Return Policy

    See Contact Page

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