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Take a look at our new treat soaps: cupcakes, popsicles and more!
Let's Talk About Our Soaps
Choosing the right soap for your skin can be a difficult decision. Our handmade soaps are made using the old fashion Cold Process Soap method like Grandma made in the black kettle in the backyard. This  natural base process includes natural oil and shea butter which aid in relieving irritating conditions such as dry skin, acne, eczema and others.
Let's Talk About Our Candles
Who can resist the smell of a fresh bake apple pie, the coolness of an ice cream cone or the tingling bubbles of a glass of champagne, not me? BK&J Soaps & Candles bring these looks and smells to life in our candles. Our candles are unique enough to make a lasting impression on you and all your friends

 Great Specialty Products

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kee hand.jpg

Massage Candles


12 oz. Lady A Vessels

cocktails at the pool_edited.jpg

Cocktail @ the Pool Candle


Pink Sangria Candle


Cheesecake Candles


Meditation Candles

choc chip_edited.jpg

Chocolate Chip Candle


Sundae Dessert Candles

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